Bart Gortworst
Industrial Product Designer

my name is Bart Gortworst

I studied Industrial Product Design (B. Eng) at, 

HAN University of applied science.


I have worked for Lego & Devorm as an intern, and at 

Design2Gather & Scope design and strategy as 

a product designer working alongside global 

creative agencies, award-winning designers, and engineers.



My name is Bart Gortworst, 29 years old, born in the Netherlands, raised on the island of Rarotonga, and currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. 


Since early childhood I was always interested in how things work and function, taking apart anything I could get my hands on. This curiosity transformed into a desire to create, make and design. Besides being creative I enjoy playing the guitar (built two), like to ride motorcycles (built four), and am a big football, and F1 fan.


Satit pattana // science program, FULL-TIME

MAY 2022 – CURRENT // Bangkok, TH

Developing the science curriculum for the upper primary international program.

Scope Design & Strategy // industrial DESIGNER, FULL-TIME


During my brief time at Scope, I had the privilege to manage and contribute to various projects as a team lead and team member.


While Scope is an excellent studio with a fantastic team, I have chosen to seek new experiences and explore a different culture.


JUL 2019 – APRIL 2021 // EINDHOVEN, NL

Worked on a large variety of challenging and intriguing projects, as a project lead and team member. Tasks include new product design development – from sketch to prototype and production, engineering, branding and other graphical design work.


Developed the concept for a low-pressure wok, focussing on the interaction and intent of the user. Creating prototypes, 3D models and renders for testing and presenting to the client. Creating an intuitive and unique concept and communicating all aspects clearly to the client. 


Ideated opportunities for new products for a large Chinese stationery company. Designed a stationery set based on aesthetic sensibility for the Chinese market featuring a knife, scissors, and stapler currently in production. 


Optimised a wearable vibrator for production, created the documentation and visualisation for the Red Dot Design Concept application. 


Worked on various graphic design projects, including packaging design, branding, visual identity and retail space. 


As a project lead, I designed a wearable luxury hand-sanitiser solution. Identifying technical risks and developing proof of concepts to mitigate them, visually and verbally communicated ideas through sketches, renderings and presentations directly to the client.


Lego system A/S // Project writer, Bachelor Thesis

FEB 2017 – JUL 2017 // BILLUND, DK

I developed a new and exciting play experience by designing custom play elements that fit within the Lego system. 


My design process involved thorough research, concept generation, 3D modeling, rendering, and ultimately delivering the final design solution. 


I was responsible for identifying any technical risks and creating proof of concepts to showcase the effectiveness of the proposed design solutions. 

Lego system A/S // Front end design internship

FEB 2016 – JUL 2016 // BILLUND, DK

As a member of a multidisciplinary team, I collaborated with designers, engineers, and artists to generate innovative ideas through effective brainstorming sessions and creative thinking workshops.


I utilized both basic and advanced rapid prototyping techniques to test and present these ideas.


Through the course of the project, I generated multiple new and exciting elements that are now included in the LEGO product range.

DeVorm // industrial Design Internship

SEP 2014 – FEB 2015 // ARNHEM, NL

I researched and identified opportunities for a new category featuring adaptable products, specifically for the development of new products using alternative production methods.


This project led to the creation of a sub-brand called RE:FELT by DeVorm. As part of this initiative, I designed multiple products that were promoted under this sub-brand.


I designed DeVorm’s exhibition stand for the Orgatec design fair in 2014. 


Industrial Product Design / B.ENg


Combining practical technical knowledge with design, ergonomics and business administration. Shifting focus between; Production-oriented, Market-oriented, Customizable and Integral design.

Lightweight Structural Vehicle Design


Specialization course focused on lightweight construction. Using material knowledge and mechanical properties too design lightweight structures. Strong focus on the properties, production and benefits of composite materials.



Concept mockups • Engineering • Technical functionality • Hands-on prototyping • Rapid prototyping • 3D printing • Laser-cutting • Simplifying functionality 

Program proficiency: Microsoft Office • Illustrator • InDesign • Photoshop • Sketchbook • ZBrush • Solidworks • Keyshot • Autodesk Inventor • Siemens NX-9 • Fusion 360 • Blender • Rhinoceros 3D • Abaqus FEA 

CAD: Highly proficient with SolidWorks, Fusion 360 and Keyshot, extensive experience with Siemens NX9 and Blender. Basic knowledge with Inventor, Rhino and Abaqus.

Language: Fluent in both English and Dutch. 

Thank you

for taking the time to browse through my work.